Meet Dr. Geoffrey Newton

Dr Newton's Family

What does Dr Newton do when he isn’t making smiles?

Well, I stay pretty busy trying to get exercise and with my hobbies. For exercise my favourite thing to do is play squash- both singles and doubles. I really enjoy playing in Pro-Am events. Other sports I like are tennis, badminton and golf. I also like windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving. I've even done some kite boarding- wow was that crazy!

I’m lucky that my wife Kathy and my kids Matthew (17) and Alexandra (14) understand that I don’t sit still much. I enjoy many of the activities with my family but I still need a scuba buddy!

After I’ve gotten my exercise I enjoy a few other hobbies. If you visit my office, one of the first things you’ll see is that we have a couple of resident pets. I enjoy keeping pets; unfortunately due to my allergies I’m somewhat limited to the critters without hair. I have a Panther chameleon (Patrick) and a Uromastyx at work along with a large reef tank. I haven’t named my fish but the maroon clownfish in my office tank has been with me for 20 years.

At home I have a female chameleon- Florence. 'Spot' is my 4 year old leopard tortoise. My reef tank at home keeps me busy too and this past summer I was finally able to raise a couple of babies from the eggs my pair of 'eye lash' clown fish laid.

We do have one furry pet- Samantha is our Portuguese Water Dog. She is 12 now.

My favourite season is spring because I really enjoy gardening too and it is wonderful to see the garden come back to life. (Although I wish weeds wouldn’t come back!) One of my most cherished plants is a yellow daylily that I transplanted from my wife’s grandfather’s home- it is probably over 30 years old. I also have a 22 year, old bonsai Trident Maple that I grew from seed when I was in St. Louis taking my Master’s degree in orthodontics.

Finally, I have to mention my love of cooking. My mother is responsible for this as she has always experimented with new food and continues to keep an open mind in her late seventies. I enjoy exploring new tastes and learning new techniques. I am attracted to the combination of the science of cooking and the art of presentation. It is most gratifying when family and guests enjoy your creations.

The common thread in my hobbies seems to be caring for living things. Coming to work is a natural extension of this fundamental desire to cultivate, nurture and grow. I get the most satisfaction helping to transform smiles.

If you're interested in my professional training, I grew up in Toronto and attended Trinity College for a BSc in Physiology. I then went to McGill University for my dental training. ( A good friend and colleague and I sponsored a clinical dental chair at the new McGill dental facility in appreciation for our training. )

Returning home to Toronto, I worked a year in the dental residency program at Sunnybrook. Finally my learning took me to St. Louis for my orthodontic training. Who knew that the largest orthodontic program in the world was in St. Louis - accepting 12 students a year.

I've been back home for a while and am celebrating 20 years of practice in Etobicoke.


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