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I'm a CDA II on Dr. Newton's team. Along with my team members, I share the responsibilities of maintaining efficiency, organization, lab work, and sterilization on a daily basis. I enjoy the energy and being part of a busy, exciting office. As an added bonus I get the pleasure of working with many memorable patients. Beyond my regular duties in the office it is safe to say that I am the team artist and also will be the first to volunteer to feed our office pets or try to save an escaped fish from our big tank. I value close family connections and true friends, along with a passion for really good chocolate.




I have been a member of the Newton team as a dental hygienist for the past ten years. Helping clients feel more confident about themselves and their smiles makes the practice of orthodontics, particularly in this skilled, team-based practice, a very enjoyable and fulfilling profession. Now that my family is grown, I enjoy the adventure of traveling in my spare time.




I am a dental hygienist on Dr. Newton’s team and have been enjoying working with patients for over ten years. I am often heard singing tunes while I work with patients. My extended family keeps me busy at home, but I find time to enjoy reading and writing poetry in my spare time. Recently, I’ve decided to try out amateur stand-up comedy as a personal challenge.




I am the clinical director and over the last seven years I have perfected what makes Dr. Newton's clinic run smoothly and efficiently. A busy office is not easy to run well but I am an ambitious, detailed oriented person. My perseverance helps us stay on schedule. I continue to try to learn and I was able to achieve my Level II Dental Assisting certification while working full time and also being mom for my two children. My strong faith in God keeps me strong and grounded. It is fair to say that I am the spiritual cornerstone for our team. Out of the office I enjoy reading, spending time with family and friends, and worship.




First impressions convey a welcoming atmosphere, and meeting at our front desk will be just that. I am our office administrator and I'm here to accommodate your scheduling needs and direct any questions that you may have. I enjoy day-to-day interaction with our patients and love seeing the beautiful results of our patients' orthodontic treatment. I have spent many years in the dental profession but just recently started my own orthodontic treatment. Outside the office, I like spending most of my time at social gatherings with family and friends. I look forward to meeting you and booking your initial consultation appointment.


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